Everything you need to Know Regarding Refugee PR Application in Canada

By the term “permanent resident” we refer to an individual who is not a citizen of Canada but will be able to stay in the country permanently. It will be imperative for the refugee as well as his family members not to suffer from any serious communicable ailment and they also should not have any serious criminal charges or criminal records in Canada or overseas. The applicant should also hold legitimate travel documents or passports on most occasions, and they should also not be a security threat.

The Refugee PR Application in Canada

It will be possible to submit an Refugee PR Application In Ontario to the IRCC without waiting in case an individual is thought to be a Protected Person. It is important for every member of the family of the applicant to be listed in the application although they can be removed by the authorities at any time from the application. Every single applicant has to complete several forms and the principal applicant has to submit a Generic Application Form for Canada.

Amongst the other documents that one must submit along with the application, mention may be made of the following:

  • A couple of passport-sized photographs for every person
  • Personal identity photography proof like a passport, a birth certificate, or any other travel document
  • Photocopy of your PRRA or IRB decision
  • Receipt depicting payment of application
  • An approved copy of the original translation of any documentation that isn’t in French or English, and an affidavit from the individual who has translated the document

It is imperative to sign the application form and the date should also be mentioned before submitting it. Individuals who are more than 18 years old have to sign and date in the appropriate boxes provided in the forms. The legal guardians or parents of the applicants have to sign on their behalf in case they are below 18 years of age.

Rights of the Permanent Resident

It is a fact that permanent residents are endowed with the right to remain in Canada permanently. It will be possible for them to enjoy the majority of the rights provided to Canadian citizens such as the following:

  • Living, studying or working anywhere in Canada
  • Receiving the majority of the social benefits enjoyed by the citizens of Canada such as healthcare coverage
  • Applying for Canadian citizenship
  • Protection under Canadian regulations and the majority of the rights mentioned in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Nevertheless, it will not be possible for permanent residents to vote in certain elections, run for elected office, or hold a passport. Moreover, they can be deported from the country in case a serious crime is committed by them or they apply for PR status by using false documents.

It is important for the individual to reside in Canada for a minimum of 2 years within any 5-year period for maintaining the status of a permanent resident. They will be able to apply for becoming a citizen of Canada after living in the country for at least 4 years out of a 6-year period.

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